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As CSO, Dr. Dahl brings to Jacaranda over 20 years of drug discovery and development experience in biopharma. He has contributed to several successful small molecule IND and NDA filings across many therapeutic areas. He has also led large multidisciplinary, multi-institution grants for drug development that met or exceeded milestones and goals. Dr. Dahl has conducted drug discovery and academic research in the development of UPR-targeting drugs for over 10 years and is the designer of our patented, breakthrough modulators that have the potential to provide patients with new disease-modifying treatments for hearing loss. He oversees Jacaranda's pipeline with a deep knowledge of the drug discovery process, from initial compound design, including structure-based and rational design expertise, through CMC, IND-enabling, and regulatory activities. He is well-versed in synthetic chemistry, pragmatic application of preclinical data, clinical development, project management, and biotech business and fundraising. Previously, he led all small molecule research for several private and public biotech companies, shepherding teams through successful fundraising rounds and IPOs. He also held various leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including senior research positions at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and Alanex (now Pfizer). 

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