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About Us

A unified mission toward the unraveling of real treatment for hearing loss

We are a preclinical-stage company focused on restoring hearing loss by developing therapeutics to re-establish cellular homeostasis. 

Our Story

We are a dynamic, multidisciplinary team with a rich history of successful collaboration. The creation of Jacaranda in 2014 was driven by our groundbreaking discovery of the TMTC4 gene, which we have demonstrated to be intricately linked to rapid progressive post-natal hearing loss. With the support of SBIR phase 1 funding, we swiftly established Jacaranda's pioneering laboratory in the vibrant city of San Francisco, bolstering our team with exceptional talent. Together, we synergize an exceptional blend of skills, expertise, and unwavering motivation, united in our relentless pursuit of eradicating hearing loss. 

Meet The Team

Elliott Sherr, MD., PhD.

Co-founder, Board Chair

Dylan Chan, MD, PhD

Co-founder, Director

Steven Sherr

Co-founder, CEO

Russ Dahl, PhD

CSO, Director

Malek Chouchane, PhD

Principal Scientist

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