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In May 2022,  Dr. Chouchane joined our ranks as a formidable neurobiologist, assuming the role of Senior Scientist. With an illustrious background in molecular and cellular biology, her expertise has been honed through extensive research endeavors, notably during her post-doctorate fellowship alongside Dr. Sherr. Accumulating over a decade of invaluable experience in both academic and industrial research settings, Dr. Chouchane has been at the forefront of groundbreaking investigations. Her profound contributions encompass diverse domains, including in vivo and in vitro drug screening for prominent companies such as Maze Therapeutics and Unity Biotechnology.  At JBI, Dr. Chouchane has flourished, diving deeper into the intricate biological mechanisms that underlie the debilitating phenomenon of hearing loss. Her unwavering dedication and expertise have positioned her as the driving force behind our transformative endeavors concerning the unfolded protein response (UPR) and its profound implications in hearing loss. 

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